For me the most challenging aspect of this exercise is leveling and balancing the knees. This balancing act gets easier each time I let go of emotional tension. Emotional tension makes me feel heavier, and it’s easier to practice this exercise when my being feels lighter.

Certain events can create a clenching of the emotional body because we may have difficulty processing the emotion related to the event. This emotional clenching traps energy. According to science, an increase in energy results in an increase in mass. The more mass something has the stronger its gravitational pull. All our emotional tension points therefore create gravitational pulls which weigh on us. This is why we feel lighter after releasing old emotions.

Old congested emotions are like dissonant tones playing inside our being. These dissonant tones disrupt out energetic symphony. When we tune into those congested tones we can release them, and we can replace them with tones that cultivate lightness.

The Emotional Tone Meditation provides techniques for tuning into your tones, and releasing the emotions you no longer want reverberating within you. For the Emotional Tone meditation press here.

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