As the conductor of your energetic symphony you are no longer at the mercy of your reactive nature. If you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming challenge you can use the breathing exercises to calm and steady yourself. When you can’t fall asleep you can change your breathing pattern to slow down your thoughts and cool your emotions.

Our songs are comprised of distinct musical attributes that correspond to different aspects of our being. The tempo of our thoughts, for example, determines our drumbeats, while our emotional states affect our tones. You can apply the meditation exercises to your overall symphony, or to specific attributes. When your mental tempo is too fast, you can slow it down to your optimal speed. When your emotional tone isn’t clear, you can tune yourself back to your natural key.

Your breath awareness is your internal conductor’s baton. By adjusting your breathing patterns your internal conductor can impact your mental, emotional and physical well-being. The pace of your breath determines the rate at which oxygen flows into your system. When oxygen flow is smooth the mind and body can operate efficiently.