This meditation practice combines creative visualizations with mindfulness meditation. The techniques provide a practical method for recognizing when you’re out of balance. At such times you can apply the meditation exercises to return to a more centered state of being. You’ll learn to recognize moments when you become stressed and out of tune, so you can immediately address your imbalance, rather than letting it build into knots of tension or whirlwinds of anxiety.

Yoga and Science agree that we are composed of a physical body as well as an energy body. Everyone has a unique vibration. When we talk about someone’s “vibe” or spirit we’re often referring to their vibration. When stress creates imbalance in our being we can align ourselves physically and energetically by practicing the meditation techniques.

Your unique vibration could be compared to a musical note, because all musical notes have a specific frequency or pitch. Over the course of your life your energy body produces a string of energetic notes. That string of notes is your unique energy song. This meditation system trains you to become the conductor of your song/symphony.