Rhythm is an interesting word because it’s not as easily defined as tempo or tone. For the purposes of this meditation rhythm is defined as the dynamic relationship between the receptive and active aspects of our being. Many mind/body systems refer to the receptive nature as “yin” and to the active nature as “yang”. Everyone experiences a modulation of receptive and active energy. This modulation creates the rhythm of your energy song, just like the modulation of a bass line creates rhythm.

Each of us has a unique blend of receptive and active energy. When the two sides aren’t in their natural proportional ratio, our rhythms become imbalanced. If we’re overly receptive our rhythms can become stagnant, and when we’re overly active our rhythms can become choppy and overbearing. By adjusting your receptive/active balance you can smooth out your rhythm.

The breath also has a rhythm. The rhythm of the breath is determined by the length of the inhale versus the length of the exhale. In this meditation system the inhale is associated with the receptive self, and the exhale is associated with the active self. Through feeling your rhythm your internal conductor can become aware of moments you fall out of balance. By balancing your breath you can balance your energetic rhythm.

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