Your energy song has a tone that reflects your emotional state. Each of us has a natural tone, just like every song is in a certain key. Your natural key is a wave you can always ride because it’s your essential resonance. When you lose connection with your essential tone you may feel like you’re drowning emotionally. If you’re out of tune, you’re not centered

The Emotional Tone Meditation trains your internal conductor to tune your energy song back to its natural key. You can think of your tone in terms of colors, images or sounds. Some people might think of their current tone as an angry red color, but feel their true natural tone to be a peaceful turquoise. Others might identify their present tone as a heavy anchor, while their natural tone feels like a soaring hawk. The colors and images act as tuning forks that tune your energy back to its true key. When you connect with your natural tone you can relax. 

Your energy song also has a variable tone that changes according to the day and situation. If you’re attending a somber occasion your variable tone may be heavy and reflective, but when you’re at a party your variable tone may be excited and bright. Your internal conductor can customize your variable tone to fit different situations. Before a job interview, for example, you can cultivate a variable tone of positivity.  By shaping your intention you can clarify your tone.

For the Emotional Tone Meditation click here.