A lot of sensitive people feel that they lose their sense of self when in a crowd or around certain people. Their internal world becomes disoriented and they feel drained by their interactions. They lose their center.

Each of us has a natural vibrational frequency (vibe).  When you’re in tune with your natural tone you feel centered. If you’re centered you don’t lose your sense of self when around other people.

If you’re in a musical choir you focus on holding your note even though you hear other people singing different notes than you’re singing. Similarly, you can learn to feel other people vibes without losing yourself to their energy. You can resonate with your centered tone no matter how much higher, lower, louder or out of tune other people’s tones are.

The Emotional Tone Meditation provides practical techniques for connecting with your tonal center. You can apply the meditation techniques whenever you start to lose yourself to other people’s energy or to stress, fear, insecurity, etc.

For the Emotional Tone Meditation press here.

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