Our energy song has a unique melody that describe our life stories. Your melody reflects your goals and life directions. It is the musical arc of your story. As your goals change so does your energetic melody.

When your life is on course your melody is clear. When you move away from your purpose your melody becomes muddled. By editing our melodies we can actively shape our life story. External circumstances can sometimes be difficult to change, but we can always shift our energetic melody. If you don’t like the sound of your melody you can change it, and hopefully attract the positive external changes related to your goals.

The Melody Meditation trains your internal conductor to cultivate the life melody you want to express. Practicing the meditation exercises trains your internal conductor to intuit your melody and refine its energetic shape. Through visualizing your desired melodies your internal conductor can connect your focus with your short-term goals and long-term directions.

For the Melody Arc Meditation click here.