Your life force has a unique drumbeat that changes throughout the days and years. You can probably sense it in the pace of someone’s speech or the cadence of their walk. The pace of your thoughts has a major impact on your life force, as your mental tempo creates the drumbeat of your energy. If a drummer plays too fast the rest of the band can’t synchronize. When thoughts fire too rapidly the body can’t align with the mind. 

When your mind is racing you may find it difficult to filter out unhealthy thought patterns. By slowing down your thoughts you have more space to cultivate constructive thoughts, while not being overtaken by negative ones. You can also learn to speed up your thoughts at times when you feel sluggish.

The Tempo Meditation trains you to identify your mental drumbeat then adjust it by managing your breath. By cultivating an awareness of your breathing tempo you can make quick on-spot adjustments to it. For example, you may speak too quickly when you give presentations because you get nervous and your mind races. Through connecting with your breathing tempo you can consciously relax your mental state. This awareness enables you to adjust the pace of your speech while giving the presentation. As the conductor of your energetic symphony you can control your mental drumbeat.

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