Overwhelming emotional activity can create emotional numbness in a person, as that person tries to block out the intensity or the chaos. That numbness creates a shell around the unresolved emotional activity. That shell isolates part of a person’s emotional being. On some level we can feel those isolated parts. If later on there’s a desire to heal the unresolved emotion, the shell first needs to be addressed. Feeling the numbness shell enables access to the emotional energy contained inside the numbness.

It may be scary to face those old emotions, but you can look at those isolated emotions as dissonant tones playing in your being. If you can find those isolated parts of your being you can free them, and the liberated emotional energy can rejoin your energetic symphony. That old scary feeling is now just music that needs to be tuned back to its proper tone.

The following meditation is designed to address those shells of numbness. The meditation is not a substitute for therapy. If you experienced a serious emotional trauma you may want to seek professional assistance in facing the old emotion, as it may be too overwhelming to face alone.

Practice each meditation step for 10-20 breaths or for 30-60 seconds.

  1. Start by exhaling. On each exhale – draw your belly in towards your spine. On each inhale – relax your stomach.
  2. Think about a previous emotional moment that feels unresolved or trapped.
  3. Think about a color or image you associate with the unresolved emotion.
  4. On each inhale – visualize that color or image contained inside a shell of ice. Feel the coldness of that ice. On each exhale visualize that ice melting. Feel the warmth in that melting.
  5. On each inhale – visualize the old color or image transforming into a helpful color or image. On each exhale visualize that new color or image becoming one with your being.


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