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For each step take 5 to 10 breaths or practice each step for 30 – 45 seconds.

  1. Count the length of your inhale and your exhale. If the count changes for each breath, use the longest inhale and longest exhale as your benchmark. 
  2. Lengthen both your inhale and exhale by 1 second. 
  3. Count the seconds between the completion of your exhale and the start of your next inhale. This amount of time is the space between breaths. 
  4. Increase the space between breaths by 1 second. 
  5. Increase the space between breaths by another second.

1. If you want to speed up your tempo, try reducing the space between breaths.  2. As you practice the Tempo Meditation you can keep increasing the length of both the inhale and exhale. When you lengthen your inhale you increase your oxygen intake. When you lengthen your exhale you release excess pressure in the body.