Most movies have accompanying soundtracks that affect your emotional interpretation of the story. Comedies generally use music that inspires light-heartedness, while horror movies employ menacing tones to create fear. A thriller has a soundtrack aimed at creating tension and suspense. If that same thriller used relaxing music the audience probably wouldn’t feel the same level of suspense.

We have our own internal soundtracks represented by the feelings accompanying the moments in our lives. Two people can witness the same event and have entirely different internal soundtracks playing. Some people have severe fear of public speaking, so when they look out at an audience they probably have an internal soundtrack filled with menacing, scary tones. Other people really enjoy being in front of a crowd. When they see an audience their internal soundtrack is filled with energized music. Our soundtracks can then impact our physical responses. The people afraid of public speaking might tense up in response to the menacing tones playing inside their being, whereas the relaxed speakers likely feel physical ease and excitement.

We can’t change all of the external events in our lives, but we can adjust our emotional interpretation of those events. You can create an internal soundtrack that will support you and inspire you, even if you are facing a fear. The first step is really listening to your soundtrack and noticing how your soundtrack changes according to the changing moments of your life.  When your soundtrack becomes unpleasant take some time to adjust it.

One way to adjust your soundtrack is to apply the techniques outlined in the Conductors Meditation website. Through practicing the meditation exercises you can develop an ability to make real time adjustments to your soundtrack. A fearful event may still produce scary tones but you can learn to mix in tones of strength and courage. A tense event might still create anxious internal music but you can learn to slow down that anxious music and mix in tones of relaxation. It’s your soundtrack! You have every right to make your internal world as comfortable as possible.

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